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We are proud to be members of the British Blind and Shutter Association's Make It Safe campaign. Make It Safe Making sure your children are in safe hands

Child Safety

Children’s Blinds Huddersfield

The main focus for lots of people when buying blinds is based on aesthetics: what do they look like? Do they suit my home? What are they made from? The safety of blinds may not be at the forefront of your thinking, but it is nevertheless a crucial part of the window dressing.


At White Rose Blinds, we are proud to provide a range of child safety blinds that combine beautiful design with safe, effective operating mechanisms that remove the potentially fatal risk of a small child getting caught in a blind cord. The different types of children’s blinds include:

Cordless blinds – without the cord, there is nothing for a child to grab onto. The blinds are opened and closed by pushing them up or down.

Cord lock-away – using a plastic rod that covers the cord, the blinds are opened and closed by pulling or pushing on the rod, and the slats can be adjusted by rotating it.

Chain-break connector – There is no loop in the chain, like there is with the cord of traditional blinds. Instead, both ends of the chain connect to a small device, and when a certain amount of pressure is placed on the chain, it disconnects entirely, releasing all tension.

Gear box – a handle, rather than a cord is used. By rotating the handle, the blinds can be adjusted.

Tensioned cord – there is no slack, which means there is nothing to get tangled up in.

Here are examples of the various cords


Tensioner Cord




Chain Break Connector

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